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A new pyramid was constructed in Siberia, Russia by Valery Uvarov, author of The Pyramids, completed in August 2012. It has remarkable pyramid technology and studies are being conducted to scientifically measure its effects. Dr Boulter is involved in the research and in filming the project. Watch video here. Gallery #1
Dr Carmen Boulter conducted a study in Egypt called The Affect of the Great Pyramid on the Human Aura and Chakra System. The results showed strong statistical significance and indicate that the experience of going into the pyramid could contribute to people becoming more psychic. Gallery #2
In February 2012, Dr Carmen Boulter led an expedition into the Western Desert of Egypt in search of a new site. She found the coordinates on Google Earth, got permits from the Egyptian government to go into the restricted military zone, arranged for a hot air balloon, and brought a film crew and scientist. Gallery #3
Holy Grail
A series of photos shot on an 18 megapixel digital SLR camera on 10-23-10. Photos were measured for lens flare and it does not seem to be the cause.
Green Apparitions
Series of strange green apparitions were seen during the Sound and Light Show on 10-21-10. Note the image with two 'disks.
Dendera Ceiling
Gallery of photos of the newly cleaned ceiling of the Temple of Dendera. The symbols reveal explicit sophisticated scientific knowledge the ancient Egyptians possessed.