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Nefertiti 18th Dynasty

I am deeply grateful for your body of work and your willingness to be the communication bridge between the old patriarchal domination and the consciousness shift into the changing paradigm of our current 2012 evolution cycle. You are in the front lines challenging these old systems such as these decrepit models of educational curriculum and scientific research and I am so enthusiastic and heartened in knowing of your work… and I admit …enthused that you are female. I feel optimistic and comforted to be aware of you and your courageous presentation of the truth.

Queen Tiye 18th Dynasty
Finally. WOW! Watched all 5 episodes tonight back to back and feel like I've had my brain re-booted to a fresh start. Thank you so much for this documentary, this was by far the most inspiring thing I've ever watched! Simply mind blowing!.. I wished everyone on the planet would actually take the time to sit back, shut up, open their minds and wake up to this level of thinking. What a paradise this world could be if we actually valued high consciousness over material and Patriarchy living.
Congratulations on a fantastic series, and the analysis and concepts it contained. Thank you so much for making your valuable questions & findings widely available. I found all the episodes very interesting and was particularly interested in the information on sound frequency healing with the Pyramids. My view is those from these ancient times worked with a sound (and colour) healing modality similar to this, though much more advanced. I feel they also used it to increase consciousness, which is achieved by an individual eliminating negative thoughts and behaviours, having the mind and body in a completely relaxed state, and by focussing on positive emotional intent it raises the individuals personal vibrational frequency level thereby being able to connect into this advanced level of consciousness.
Goddess Sekhmet
What a breath of fresh air you are. Finally, someone who should know, has admitted the truth behind this Giza technology. As an architect, I've never seen the pyramids as temples or tombs, but as some kind of unfinished or partially destructed galactic machine or technology. I have a good analogy for you. If I was to be shrunk down to about 3 mm in size and placed upon a computer motherboard, which was partially covered in sand, I would be hard pressed to recognize what I was seeing as technology, from that perspective.Thank you so much for the fresh insight! We are all so sick of our stagnant scientific community. Whew, we can breath now. It's amazing how obvious it is that our world was covered with vast high tech civilizations. It's so blatant that the non-acknowledgement of it is verging on conspiratorial.
Amenhotep III 18th Dynasty
I can't thank you enough for the wonderful and profound work that you have been doing to help people see Egypt at face value, in all its glory, sophistication and wisdom. Listening to your radio appearances and watching the Pyramid Code was like a breath of fresh air and a great relief to know that there are people out there who also see, hear and understand things beyond the left-brain thinking model of our times and most importantly, have the courage to talk about it and share their discoveries. After listening to the first couple of minutes of the Fireside Chat with you, I felt like I've known you my whole life.
The Goddess Isis
I am A HUGE fan from Missouri here, have your DVDs and love your work! I am so facinated with these ancient structures and how they are connected to the Band of Peace. I truly appreciated your Pyramid Code series and the feminine or balanced approach you brought forward. What a fun and wonderful time to be here on earth as the real human history begins to emerge. I am a great fan and have been hoping you would weigh in on the events happening in Egypt. Amazing time we live in and so facinating to watch the world change. I know you are a busy woman but I would really love to hear you perspective on the current events.
Nefertari - Ramses First Great Wife
I am taking this occasion to thank you for the great work you've done on Egypt and antiquity, via your visionary skills cmobined with a rigorous critical mind, as well as for bringing the wisdom of Hakim and others to wider attention. In ten minutes Hakim tells us more about Egyptian wisdom then a team of Egyptologists in ten years. I know, having been immersed in the Egyptian enigma since an early age -- at ten I read a book on Tutankhamen's tomb.
Hatshepsut 18th Dynasty
I have viewed your DVD on The Pyramid Code, I thought it was excellent. I always knew there was more to the pyramids than "tombs". The biggest value of your discoveries, I see in your research, are the rooms that have the acoustic ability to possibly heal. The pyramids may be one of the very few sites in the world that still has its physical structures that point to a higher level of conciseness that has been lost for most people. This centers around my thoughts of energy vibrational healing. Which I know to be true, based on my meditations over many years.
The Goddess Hathor

Wow, you have made such a profound impact on my life. Just watched The Pyramid Code twice in a row. So much was answered for me. So much resolution by your insight. I'm going for a walk on this full moon night and know I will cry. A confirmation of hope for human kind. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Horus Hawk-Headed Lord

STUNNING! Watching this series has provided me with a perspective of how today's world (war, poverty, fear) fits into a much larger picture, and explains why the end of the Mayan calendar (December 21st, 2012) points us all toward a different, and much better, future. The cinematography is beautiful. I could watch these episodes again and again. Bravo!

Gold Mummy Case found at Baharia Oasis

Each of the five episodes of this series raises questions that I never thought to ask and provides answers that are mind blowing and yet, because of the way they are presented, quite conceivable. The case is made that a very long time ago, human beings were much more peaceful, spiritual, healthy, and technologically advanced - in a sustainable way- than we are today. What if the function of the pyramids was never to be "tombs" for ancient pharaohs? What if they were built for a very different purpose, not by slaves, but by citizens who valued their function so much that they willingly participated in their construction?

Gold Mummy Case I recently had the privilege of viewing The Pyramid Code series and wanted to tell you how wonderful it is. In fact, I have watched it several times! It is as if somewhere in my deepest being, this is what I’ve always known and felt, but couldn’t articulate it. Bravo for putting it out there and producing such a wonderfully entertaining and mind-opening documentary. We need more from you. Thank you.
I have recently seen your videos concerning ancient Egypt and the possibility of the lost sciences of the ancients. I found these to be very enlightening. For several years I have independently studied many of these theories of ancient science, as well as methods employed by scientific geniuses such as Tesla and electromagnetic ley-lines. I have also studied the symbolism of the more esoteric "arts" in relation to these phenomenon (ie. The path of the Ark of the Covenant, and the Fibonacci sequence in nature and alchemy.)
Distend Skull of Nefertiti and Akhenaten's Daughter
Thank you. That about sums it up. Having studied Ancient History in highschool aeons ago .. and seen so many documentaries over the years hoping that they would give an in-depth explanation of the Egyptian civilization .. My son sent me “They Pyramid Code” .. I sighed and thought here’s another one with the usual superficial content .. almost didn’t watch it .. but so glad I did .. usually I watch documentaries speeded up to twice the speed because there is little meaningful content. I started watching The Pyramid Code on fast speed with that expectation but soon after it began .. I got up to put it back to normal speed so I would be able to grasp each idea .. It’s brilliant .. and I’m so thankful that it has been produced.
Canopic Jar
Even if there "is" a possibility that Egyptians were not a Matriarchy (which i believe they were) it is a blessing to have a representation of a greater way of life than the barbaric values that people uphold in modern times. Logic might be a great thing, but with so many people in pursuit of deception of their neighbors, logic runs without guidance of a great spirit... the female integrity. I also noticed you are Canadian, which is more understanding that you are not bias at the fact that certain powers blind us and bind us to their reality. I live under the pursuit of this knowledge and hopefully in the near future will be a part of the Venus Project which can slowly open the possibilities of the ancient way of life with modern technology in the modern world.
Gold Bull
I am an intuitive and have visualizations of different possible lifetimes, impressions, etc. one of which was in Egypt. So I enjoy listening to you speak very much and resonate with what you say. I have listened to many of your interviews with various internet radio shows. Thank you for your presence in this world and many thanks, too for the work that you are doing and have done.
Hathor from the Temple of Dendera
After hearing you on Coast to Coast I have become such a fan of your work. From a young age I have had an obsession of the Egyptian culture and history. I always felt there was more to what was told to us in school, having to make my hypothesis based loosely on research and my own "gut feelings". I just wanted to say "thanks" for compiling your years of research in to "The Pyramid Code", and for having the bravery to challenge societies narrow minded views. I look forward to reading your book and watching your series.
Akhenaten 18th Dynasty
I have been watching your documentary series. It has helped to answer many of my questions about spirituality, quantum physics and the impact of mind on our universe. For the past 4 years, I have been a student of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and your series has helped to fill in some of the gaps. I want to thank you for the series. I'm curious to know how you as an English Professor developed an interest in Ancient Egypt to the point of accomplishing such a wonder documentary series. I thank you again and I would like to know more about your research into Ancient Egypt.