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Magic Egypt
Last Itinerary
You are invited on a luxurious 5-star trip to the sites shown on The Pyramid Code TV series with Director Carmen Boulter as your Tour Leader. We’ll begin at Le Meriedien: Pyramids Hotel in the shadow of the Great Pyramid. To celebrate Equinox, we'll have a private meditation at dawn inside the Great Pyramid with only our group on the Giza Plateau. We'll visit all the accessible pyramid sites of The Band of Peace. Then, we'll fly to Luxor and enjoy the magnificent Nile Palace Hotel. We'll take an excursion to the spectacular temples of Abydos and Dendera. Then, we'll board our luxury ship and cruise the Nile from Luxor to Aswan visiting magnificent temples along the way. Come experience the grandeur and magic of ancient Egypt for yourself. Can you feel Egypt calling?

Places We Will Go

Confirmed Program
* B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Day 1 - Sunday, September 21: International departure from home city. Overnight in the air.
Day 2 - Monday, September 22: *D International flights arrive in Cairo. You will be met by our Egyptian hospitality personnel. Transfer to meet the group at Le Merdien: Pyramids, our 5-Star luxury hotel in the shadow of the Great Pyramid where we will spend 5 nights. Dinner at the hotel. Sweet dreams in the shadow of the pyramids.
Day 3 - Tuesday, September 23: B-D We have secured special permission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities for an early morning private mediation inside the Great Pyramid on Equinox. Buffet breakfast back at the hotel overlooking the Great Pyramid. Then, go back to explore the Giza Plateau and see evidence of high technology. While exploring the Giza Plateau, we can get close to The Sphinx and have a photo opportunity. We will walk on the Plateau with its 9 pyramids and see evidence of high-level technology and the genius of the sky-ground correlations. We will drive to a panoramic viewpoint and take photos with the pyramids in the background. After, we'll have tea at a perfume palace and hear about chakra oils. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 4 - Wednesday, September 24: B-D Buffet breakfast at the hotel. We'll visit the spectacular Egyptian Museum, home to countless ancient artifacts including the King Tut Exhibit. Sunset horse or camel ride on the desert in view of the pyramids. Catered dinner for every palate in a Sultan's tent on site. Dancing horse show followed by belly dancers and a whirling dervish. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 5 - Thursday, September 25: B-D Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the vast site of Saqqara with the Step Pyramid and the small museum on site. Visit Pepi and Unas pyramids and tombs. Visit the Serapeum, a large undergound chamber with evidence of high technology with 20-ton sarcophagi with 5-ton lids carved to perfection. Next, we'll continue to the ancient pyramid site of Dashour where there are 3 pyramids: red, white, and black. We'll have time inside the Red Pyramid with its corbelled ceiling and astonishing acoustic chambers. Next, we'll walk around the Bent Pyramid examining its unique construction using 2 angles. View the Black Pyramid in the distance across the riverbed of the ancient Nile and see Saqqara off in the distance. On the way back, we'll stop at a papyrus shop and we'll learn what some of the ancient symbolism means. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 6 - Friday, September 26: B-D Buffet breakfast at the hotel. We will visit Abusir along The Band of Peace with its causeway leading up from the ancient Nile river bed. See the majestic pink granite pillars with the magnificent black basalt floor in the temple to the east of the main pyramid. Imagine high-level initiates doing sacred intitation rites at the pyramid and understand how power was generated at the site with water and magnetic resonance. We'll continue on to the glorious crystal altar at Abu Garab. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 7 - Saturday, September 27: B-D Buffet breakfast. Check out of the hotel. Transfer to the airport to board our flight to Luxor. Upon arrival, we will be met by hospitality personnel and transferred to the spectacular 5-Star Steigenberger: Nile Palace on the shores of the Nile where we will spend 2 nights. Relax by the pool watching traditional sailboats, or feluccas, glide on the Nile. Exotic buffet dinner as the sun sets. Pleasant dreams on the shores of the Nile.
Day 8 - Sunday, September 28: B-L-D Buffet breakfast on the patio watching boats cruise by. Today, we’ll take a day trip on our air conditioned coach across lush farm land to the fantastic Temple of Seti I at Abydos where images of curious flying objects are found. As well, there are rooms of exquisite frescos with gorgeous original color telling a story of a revived spirituality from the 19th Dynasty. Here we'll see the infamous Kings List with 3 pharaohs erased. We’ll also visit the ancient and mysterious Osirion where several Flowers of Life are etched into the pillars. Then, we'll have enjoy our box lunches as we continue to the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. Here, the ceiling of the enormous First Hypostyle Hall has been recently cleaned revealing curious star maps and strange half-animal, half-human beings. At Dendera, there is an even more ancient temple below the ground. In the crypts, we’ll see odd ancient devices resembling light bulbs. We’ll pass by the village where the Nag Hamadi ancient scrolls were found in 1945 written in the voice of the Divine Feminine. Back at the Nile Palace, you'll be sereneded by musicians and charmed by the atmosphere over an elegant dinner. Overnight at the Nile Palace.
Day 9 - Monday, September 29: B-L-D Buffet breakfast on the patio overlooking the Nile. Check out from the hotel. Short transfer to check in on our 5-Star Deluxe cruise ship, the M/S Sonesta St George I for our 4-night Nile cruise. Morning visit to visit to the magnificent and extensive Karnak Temple where we will see the Sacred Lake and gain entrance to the Shrine to Sekhmet. We'll continue to the Temple of Luxor. Schwaller de Lubiz called the Luxor Temple the Temple of Man since the Hypostyle Halls in the temple correspond to the cavities in the human body. We'll do a walking meditation along a short part of the Avenue of the Sphinxes which spans 3 kilometres all the way from the Karnak Temple to the Luxor Temple with 2000 sphinxes currently being restored. We'll walk through the temple and into the Holy of Holies at the back of the temple which corresponds to the pineal gland in the human body. Lunch on board. Enjoy cocktails in the lounge at the Captain's Welcom. Elegant dinner on board. Overnight on board docked in Luxor.
Day 10 - Tuesday, September 30: B-L-D Buffet breakfast on board. Morning visit to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut with its shrines to Hathor and Anubis and colorful frescos depicting Hatshepsut's infamous expedition to the Land of Punt where exotic treasures and myrrh trees were traded and brought to this site. We'll continue on to the Valley of the Kings. On the way back, we'll stop at the huge Statues of Memnon, built by Amenhotep III. Lunch on board. Set sail. Cross the locks at Esna. Relaxing afternoon by the pool on the upper deck as we cruise the Nile observing the peaceful life of rural farmers and fishermen. Watch the sunset and the glistening waters of the Nile. Dinner and overnight on board as we sail to Edfu.
Day 11 - Wednesday, October 1: B-L-D Buffet breakfast on board. Docked at Edfu, we will ride in charming horse-drawn carriages called kalleshes to visit the Temple of Horus. This is where aromatherapy recipes were archived and healing potions were made. We'll see the standing sarcohagus where ancient rituals were performed by high-level Initiates in pairs. Lunch on board. Leisurely afternoon sailing down the Nile. Afternoon tea on the upper deck. As the sun sets, we’ll see the spectacular Kom Ombo Temple appear majestically on the horizon. We'll disembark and visit the temple where priests and priestesses in training did initiations to conquer their fears. Don't miss the small museum with mummified crocodiles. After we get back on board, we'll dress up in Egyptian galabeyas for our Come as You Were party. Elegant dinner and a special evening. Overnight on board as we sail to Aswan.
Day 12 - Thursday, October 2: B-L-D Lunch on board docked in Aswan. In the afternoon, we'll take a short drive by the Old Dam where we'll take a small boat to the Island of Philae. Visit the pristine Temple of Isis nestled in a garden surrounded by Nile waters. Here the goddesses Isis and Hathor each have their own temples. We'll go by coach to the other side of the High Dam and take another small ferry to the Temple of Kalabsha built for Amenhotep II, grandfather of Akhenaten. Latyer, we'll sail on traditional felucca sailboats around the islands. Afternoon tea and cake served on the upper deck back on board. Dinner and overnight on board docked in Aswan.
Day 13 - Friday, October 3: B-D OPTION: Early morning flight and visit to Abu Simbel. Buffet breakfast on board. Check out from the cruise ship. Transfer to the Airport to board our flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival, we'll be transfered back to the familiar Le Meridien: Pyramids. Farewell dinner. We'll count our Blessings and close the energy of the group. Overnight at the hotel for our last sleep in the energy of the Great Pyramid.
Day 14 - Saturday, October 4: B Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Throughout the day, transfers to the Cairo International Airport will be scheduled in time to meet your individual flights for international departure. The journey ends, the integration begins...

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Double Occupancy $4250 US per person
$1000 non-Refundable Deposit to secure your reservation
Balance Due July 31

Single Room Supplement add $850
Children under 12 = $1975
Earlybird Special $4000 US by May 15

Package Includes
Package does not Include

• Early morning private meditation inside the Great Pyramid at Equinox with only our group on the Giza Plateau
• All transfers to and from airports and all transportation to sites
• 6 nights 5-star Le Meridien: Pyramids in Giza by the Great Pyramid
• 2 nights 5-star Steingenberger: Nile Palace Hotel in Luxor
• 4-nights 5-star Nile cruise on M/S Sonesta St George I
• Sunset horse or camel ride in view of the pyramids, catered dinner, dancing horse and belly dancing party
• Domestic flights from Cairo-Luxor and Aswan-Cairo
• Felucca sailboat ride on the Nile in Aswan
• All entrance tickets to sites and museums
• Meals as listed each day (B-L-D = breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
• Professional fluent English speaking Egyptian Guide and logistics coordinator
• Daily tips for drivers, porters, hotel and cruise staff
• Unlimited bottled mineral water

• International airfare to Cairo
• Entry Visa ($15 US) easily purchased at the Cairo airport
• Travel insurance
• Extra drinks (coffee, tea, and juice included with breakfast only)
• Personal extras (laundry, spa treatments, etc.)
• Internet connection (see Travel Details for fees at each venue and where acess is free)
• Tip for our Egyptian Guide
• Extra nights before or after the tour: Must be pre-booked
• OPTION - Abu Simbel: Return flight (45 minutes each way), transfers, tickets, and Guide is $240, pre-booked to reserve flights

NOTE: Special dietary needs can be accommodated well with notice (gluten or lactose free, vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, etc.)

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